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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bead & Button Show 2010 - Part 1 (The Journey)

This is a year for a lot of first for me.  This is my first blog and it was my first year teaching at The Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee!

My trusty teaching assistant Molly Hagan and I headed out on June 5th in an attempt to drive to Milwaukee.  It was a combination of cost savings, nervous fears of flying and shear lack of common sense that I came to the decision to drive.    I didn't say it was the right decision.....

There were many rest stops and lots of coffee.  We were quite suprised (Molly definitely was) at the rabid, furry bat dog we encountered at one stop.  Furry white bat is what this dog looked like.  And the hissing noise it produced!

After 19 hours of driving, dodging the tornado in Toledo, crazy traffic in Chicago and rain, we arrived at Casa Hyatt!  Thanks to the wonderful bell staff, we touched not one of the many, many boxes. They just magically appeared in my room!